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AdaptabiliTEA has created a delicious variety of Signature Blend Teas from Adagio Teas. Adagio Teas use high quality tea leaves and their blends are some of Miss AdaptabiliTEA's favorites. The links to the blends below will take you directly to Adagio Teas' website where you can order 4oz jars for only $10 each. Enjoy!

**Don't forget, first time customers with Adagio Teas can receive a $5 coupon towards your first order! Contact me to get yours today!**

{The perfect refreshing balance of hibiscus with a hint of berry}

{A light and refreshing lime tea with a hint of sweet cream and ginger}

{Add a sprig of mint and a dash of simple syrup for the perfect mojito blend!}

{Herbal pina colada blended with pineapple and black teas}

{An extra spicy green tea with a crisp mandarin finish}

{A bright pairing of pomegranate and cherry delicately spiced with flavors of cinnamon and ginger}

{Bright herbal strawberry tea finished with rum and cream black teas - perfect for dessert!}

{Sweet and sour cherries tied together with the unique flavors of the currant}

Adagio Teas

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