Saturday, June 26, 2010

tea-infused chocolates

While browsing the lovely images of Tastespotting, I came across tea-infused chocolates. I can't decide if I'm bitter that they only ship to the UK and I cannot try them or grateful that they only ship to the UK and my backside isn't growing as we speak. It's a semi-sweet situation for sure!

I'd like to introduce you to Matcha Chocolat - tea infused, handmade chocolates.
All fresh Tea Chocolates are made entirely by hand, from start to finish by Katie, the creator of Matcha Chocolat. The making of each batch of Tea Chocolates begins by infusing fresh, organic cream with a select white, green, or black tea. The resulting fragrant cream is combined with chocolate to create a ganache that is ready to be enrobed in chocolate, specially chosen to compliment each tea infusion. The finishing steps involve lovingly decorating each Tea Chocolate with crystallised flower petals, dried fruits, or colourful motifs.

The seasonal a little bit of everything selection is currently their Jade Selection.
The Jade Selection contains a total of 16 chocolates in the following 5 varieties: Sencha, China Rose, Liquid Jade, Strawberry Summer, and Masala Chai.

But you can't have delicious tea-infused chocolates without a fine tea to go along with them. The all-inclusive Jade Gift Set includes the above chocolates along with:
2 Chocolate Parasols - Kashmiri Chai and Bergamot.
50g English Black tea in decorative tea caddy.

What are chocolate parasols you ask? Well, I'm so glad you asked!
Solid white chocolate disks infused with Kashmiri Chai spices and Solid milk chocolate disks flavoured with bergamot oil.
Yes, Please!

If you're looking for a smaller all inclusive set, I think the Chai Tea Gift Set looks absolutely divine. Chai  does happen to be one of my favorite blends of tea!
Giant Tea Chocolate box containing four Masala Chai chocolates.
Kashmiri Chai Chocolate Parasols.
50g Masala Chai in decorative tea caddy.

As I mentioned, Matcha Chocolat does not currently ship to the US, but if you're within the UK I'd recommend finding out if they're as delicious as they appear. Seriously, take a moment and check out their Chocolate Selections and see the details of these sweet creations. Grab a napkin, you'll be drooling on your keyboard before you reach the bottom of the page.

I am just dying to give these gorgeous confections a try myself. Any UK bloggers want to work out a deal? =) Or if you're out there Matcha Chcocolat, could you bend the rules just once for this American with a serious sweet tooth?

**all images are original images from the Matcha Chocolat site**


Meghan Cooper said...

These look super yummy! And your blog is super cute. Found you through Fancy Meeting you here

One 2 Try said...

Those sounds very interesting. Thanks for participating in Fancy Meeting You! Have a great day.

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